Donna Festa - Some Red Flowers (2011). O

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Donna Festa - Some Red Flowers (2011). O

About Donna Festa

Artist's Statement

Smile. You have to..You wish you didn't have to hide behind it. You are emotionally exhausted. This life has broken you.

Donna Festa has work in both public and private collections including the State Museum of Pennsylvania. She has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami.

Her studio is in her home in Bangor, Maine.

Donna is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she earned a four year certificate in painting, the University of the Arts, also in Philadelphia, where she received a BFA in painting and teacher certification, and the University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut, where she received an MFA in painting.

'There are a few reasons why I paint on such a small scale.  The first is more of a protest against the bigger is better attitude.  Our society is over burdened with images everywhere, one larger and brighter than the next, flashing, screaming, always competing for our attention, practically assaulting us at every turn.  I believe that something very small and quiet sitting on a wall can attract as much attention as any oversized object.'

'I have always been drawn to artist’s sketches or quick studies to prepare for larger pieces.  I admire the speed with which decisions are made, the language of the marks and spontaneity of color and composition.  That is how I try to make my work look.  A small surface is necessary in order to make a painting quickly, in one sitting to keep the loose feeling of a sketch.'